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What Size Longboard Do You Need?

Longboarding is an enjoyable activity and relatively easy to get into. If you’re interested and want to practice, you’ll need a longboard of your own. Having a properly sized longboard for your rides is a great help and the best way to start practicing or riding.

So that begs the question. What size longboard do you need, and what size longboard should you get? Preferably you want a longboard with enough legroom for you to properly stand on, but there are other factors to keep in mind. This article will help you find the perfect fit.

What Factors Affect the Size of the Longboard That You Need?

Longboards are made in various sizes. While personal preference is a high priority, and if you feel like a particular size of longboard fits you the best, it should be your top choice.

However, if you’re a beginner or want to use the longboard for a specific purpose, you’ll probably find it helpful to keep these factors in mind.

Your Height or Foot Size

Your height and the size of the longboard you need are usually directly proportional. If you’re a tall person, you’ll have a more relaxing time using a bigger or longer longboard.

While short people won’t have a difficult time with a bigger longboard and have more options, it can be challenging to carry around when you’re not riding it. It can require some extra effort and practice to maneuver in a bigger longboard if you’re a shorter person.

Generally, the extra stability during the initial rides for a beginner is very much appreciated. Ensure you have enough legroom on the board and don’t have to keep your legs together to fit on the board. This ensures a more comfortable ride and easier time maneuvering on the longboard. 

Whether You’re a Beginner or Not

If you’re just starting longboarding, you’ll benefit more from starting with a midsized board or a slightly bigger one. A chunk of the beginning involves getting used to standing and balancing on the board before you get to move on it.

Moreover, a midsized or bigger board helps get you more used to that. Starting with a small commission isn’t wise and can cause some minor accidents while getting used to it.

What You’re Using the Longboard For

This is a very expansive factor and something that this article will detail more on. Different sizes of longboards see other uses. If you want to use your longboard for a particular purpose, you’ll want to keep this in mind. The different benefits of a longboard are:


Some people prefer to use longboards for making commutes. Longboards aren’t restricted by traffic and are fun to ride, so they are an option.


For freeriding, you’ll need to consider slopes and corners. So, longboards used for freeriding need to be more stable than those used in commuting.


One of the most popular uses for longboards is downhill races. Barrelling down on a longboard at high speeds is incredibly fun if a bit scary at times.


It’s not uncommon to see longboards used to perform tricks. Usually, longboards made for this task also tend to be comfortable to use for commuting.

How Does My Riding Affect the Size of the Longboard?

As stated above, how you plan to use your longboard will play a considerable role in regarding what size of longboard you’ll want. Let’s see what the different types of uses affect what size of longboard you’ll wish to.


There aren’t many things to worry about if you’re just getting a board for commuting (although this assumes that your commuting path does not contain uphill and downhill rides).

Any midsized longboard will suffice for this task, but if you want extra stability and more comfort, you’ll wish to longboards that are around 50 inches long.

Cruising longboards tend to be of that length. The size doesn’t get in the way since, in most cases, if you’re not going downhill, you won’t be going too fast. With some practice, you can find yourself having an easier time getting around carves and turns, or you can opt for a smaller board around 45 inches long. Read also about best carving longboard.


If you want to go around the neighborhood faster or explore more, than the bigger sized boards used for commuting won’t be your best options. Longboards used for freeriding usually range from 35 to 45 inches long.

These help it strike the right balance, which is essential because if you’re using it for a freeriding context, you’ll usually want to control better during downhill rides and turns. Boards of that size generally handle this aspect better.

Moreover, boards generally used for freeriding are also excellent starter boards for beginners to use. They do offer good stability and maneuverability, which makes them a popular starting pick if you don’t know what longboard size is best for you.

Once you try a particular size out, it’s easier to pinpoint which longboard size is right for you. 


Downhill longboarding is a different beast. You’ll reach speeds around 60 miles per hour and sometimes even have to maneuver at that speed. Not only does having good skills and experience matter, but so does your longboard.

Longboards used for downhill riding are incredibly well made and specially designed to achieve the best control possible when barrelling down at those speeds.

If you’re looking for longboards for downhill longboarding, the general size of the longboard you’ll want is around 40 to 45 inches long. Usually, more experienced longboarders will have specific preferences, but for beginners or people interested in trying it out, that is a good starting point.    


If you want to perform stylish tricks using a longboard, you’ll want a smaller than average longboard for your use. A shorter longboard functions similarly to a skateboard, allowing you to perform fancy tricks.

However, usually, a longboard isn’t bought just for the sole purpose of freestyling. They are often also bought for commuting and so you wouldn’t want a shorter longboard. Generally, for most people, a 35 to 40-inch long longboard should suffice for both purposes.


Keep in mind that your preference does take priority. The article presents guidelines in deciding what size longboard you need, but it’s always vital that you try out a longboard and see if that size is comfortable enough for you.

Having a good fit will make it more fun and more comfortable to ride.

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