Does Dollar General Sell Chlorine Tablets

Looking for a way to keep your pool clean all season long? Dollar General has you covered with chlorine tablets. Whether you have a small above ground pool or a large in-ground pool, we have the right size chlorine tablet to fit your needs.

Chlorine tablets dissolve slowly and release chlorine into the water to kill bacteria and algae.

If you’re wondering whether Dollar General sells chlorine tablets, the answer is yes! You can find a variety of chlorine tablets at Dollar General, including options for both pool and spa care. Whether you need chlorine tablets for maintaining pH levels or forShock treatments, Dollar General has you covered.

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Swimming Pools at Dollar General

Looking for a great deal on a swimming pool? Dollar General has you covered! They have a wide selection of pools at amazing prices.

Whether you’re looking for an above ground pool or an inflatable one, they have just what you need. They also have all the accessories you’ll need to get your pool set up and ready to go. From pump and filter systems to chlorine and other chemicals, they have everything you need to keep your pool clean and sparkling all summer long.

So next time you’re in the market for a new pool, be sure to check out Dollar General first! You won’t be disappointed with their selection or prices.

Dollar Store Pool Noodles

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to keep your kids entertained this summer? Pool noodles from the dollar store are the perfect solution! These versatile foam tubes can be used for all sorts of activities, both in and out of the water.

Your kids will have hours of fun swimming with pool noodles. They can use them as flotation devices, or play games like Marco Polo. You can even turn pool time into a learning opportunity by teaching your kids about buoyancy.

Out of the water, pool noodles can be used for all sorts of crafts and imaginative play. Turn them into swords or wands for pretend battles, or use them as building blocks. Older kids can even cut them up and use them as pipe cleaners for making sculptures.

The possibilities are endless! So next time you’re at the dollar store, pick up a few pool noodles and let your kids’ imaginations run wild.

Does Dollar General Sell Kites

No, Dollar General does not sell kites.

Dollar Store Boogie Board

Looking for a summer activity that won’t break the bank? Head to your local dollar store and pick up a boogie board! Boogie boarding is a great way to enjoy the waves without having to invest in expensive equipment.

Plus, it’s super easy to learn – even kids can do it! To get started, all you need is a boogie board and a swimsuit. Once you’re at the beach, simply lie down on your board and paddle out into the water.

When you see a wave coming, start paddling as fast as you can. The faster you paddle, the faster you’ll go! As you ride the wave, keep your body close to the board and stay balanced.

If you start to fall off, just stick your arm in the water and paddle until you catch back up. Boogie boarding is a ton of fun and it’s also great exercise! So next time you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful to do this summer, don’t forget the dollar store boogie board.

Family Dollar Swimming Pools

Looking for an affordable swimming pool option this summer? Family Dollar has you covered! They carry a variety of above ground pools, perfect for cooling off in the hot summer months.

What types of pools does Family Dollar sell? Above ground pools in a variety of sizes, from small to large. They also have a selection of inflatable pools, perfect for kids or those on a budget.

How much do their pools cost? Prices start as low as $29.99 for an inflatable kiddie pool and go up to $399.99 for a large above ground pool. What else do I need to purchase?

In addition to the pool itself, you’ll need some basics like a pump and filter (if your pool doesn’t come with one), ladder, skimmer net, chlorine tablets, and deck chairs or lounges. You may also want to consider purchasing a pool cover to keep your pool clean and protected when not in use. With Family Dollar’s affordable swimming pool options, there’s no excuse not to take the plunge this summer!

Dollar General Pool Floats

Are you looking for an affordable pool float that won’t break the bank? If so, you may want to consider a Dollar General pool float. These floats are made from durable vinyl and feature a variety of fun designs.

They’re also inflatable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. One of the best things about Dollar General pool floats is that they’re very affordable. You can usually find them for around $10-$15, which is a great price for a quality float.

Plus, if you shop online, you can often find even better deals. Another great thing about these floats is that they’re very durable. They’re made from vinyl, so they can withstand lots of wear and tear.

This means that you’ll be able to use your float for many summers to come. So, if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful pool float, look no further than Dollar General!

Dollar General near Me

If you’re looking for a Dollar General store near you, simply head to their website and use the store locator tool. Enter your zip code or city and state, and you’ll be given a list of all the Dollar General locations in your area. From there, you can click on each store to get more detailed information, including the store’s hours, phone number, and address.

You can even get directions to the store right from the website!

Kiddie Pool Family Dollar

Looking for a great way to beat the heat this summer? Check out Kiddie Pool Family Dollar! This affordable kiddie pool is perfect for families on a budget.

It’s made of durable vinyl and features a fun print design. The pool also includes a drain plug for easy draining.

Does Dollar General Sell Chlorine Tablets

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Does Dollar General Sell Chlorine Tablets

Yes, Dollar General does sell chlorine tablets. These tablets are typically used to sanitize swimming pools and hot tubs.

How Much Do the Chlorine Tablets Cost

Chlorine tablets are a great way to keep your pool clean and safe to swim in. They are very affordable and can be found at most hardware or home improvement stores. A bottle of chlorine tablets typically costs around $5-$10, depending on the brand and size.

Do I Need to Purchase a Separate Container for the Tablet

If you want to purchase a separate container for your tablet, that is perfectly fine. However, it is not necessary. You can simply keep your tablet in its original packaging or in a protective sleeve.

How Long Will the Tablet Last in My Pool

Assuming you are referring to a swimming pool tablet, also called a chlorine tablet, they typically last between 5-7 days. This is assuming the pool is properly circulated and the pH levels are well balanced. If the pH levels are off, the chlorine tablet will dissolve much quicker.

Can I Use More Than One Tablet at a Time

Yes, you can use more than one tablet at a time. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using multiple tablets. First, each tablet will need its own power source.

Second, if you are using multiple tablets for productivity, make sure that they are all compatible with the same software. Finally, keep in mind that each tablet will have its own screen size and resolution, so some apps may not look as sharp on one tablet as they do on another.


Dollar General is a store that sells a variety of items, including chlorine tablets. Chlorine tablets are used to disinfect water and keep it clean. They are also used to kill bacteria and viruses.

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