Do Skateboard Shoes Make A Difference

To start skateboarding, using skateboard shoes are the most important things you have to do. So, from a different perspective, you need a skateboard shoe that would fit in your feet at their most comfortable position and allow you to perform the move properly.

It requires that you wear the right skateboarding shoes, not just one of them. For instance, wearing a pair of running shoes which is totally ineffective for skating will be really frustrating. Skating shoes should fit your feet perfectly and must also allow you to perform all types of skater moves with ease and comfort without causing pain or injury. So it means how comfortable they feel on your heels as well as their weight distribution even after long time use and its ease of use during those long daily runs.

How long should skateboarding shoes last?  

Choosing the right pair of skate max shoes for you can be scary. You have to consider a lot of things before making the decision because all popular brands provide a different kinds of styles, types, qualities, and prices. You can find many skate shoes with different features, shapes, and colors.

You can choose any of them according to your preferences and personal choice. But I suggest you at least hold two pairs in front of you so that they will be compared side by side before finalizing the purchase decision. After comparing both, I’ll give you some good tips on skate shoes which are most important for long-lasting skater’s item that means longer than 3 months or 200-300 usages.

  • Choose a high quality skate shoes which are durable, comfy and have good heel support.
  • Make sure the inside material used in the cushion is insulating enough for your socks because if it’s very thick then you will feel much uncomfort while wearing them.
  • Your socks must be good quality as well because it will affect the comfort and heat insulation of those skate shoes. If you have any doubt or confusion with this then just go for a 3rd pair to compare again
  • Choose a brand which is trusted by many regular customers  because they know all about their products’ durability, comfyness and how to use them properly for long lasting wear .

What is better for beginners, a skate shoe or a skateboard?

When you are in the beginning state, it is difficult to decide if you should pick a pair of skateboards or skateboarding shoes. There are still many skaters who say that the best way to learn how to do action sport is by skating with your feet rather than your hands.

skate shoe is more worn by skaters as it is more comfortable and has better endurance. If you are a skateboarder, then go for the classic thin board to start with because I am going to explain why that kind of board rides easier than any other kinds. When you have gone through these tips about buying a brand new pair of skates, you may not think much about what type of shoes should be wearing on your feet.

skateboard shoes are the classic kind that is more durable and have a large height difference from your heel to toe. Skateboarding shoes that differ in the width of their top part are also amazing but not as comfortable that skateboarders can wear comfortably I always recommend skaters who want to till learn how often they should check if there is any reason for checking.

Do shoes really matter when skateboarding?

Being a skateboarder, more than anything else, we want to do skateboarding as long as possible. Unfortunately, some people ignore that part and the result of such ones is they may feel more dangerous on foot than with hands.

Wearing shoes can really add comfortability because it reduces the flexibility of your joints. The average skater has a couple of different styles for skating but I would prefer my new pair should immerse itself in water?

The second reason is that we often skateboard with so many different kinds of decks such as street, park, and vert, so shoes determine the types of boards you will be riding. For the newbie skaters who want to start their journey on free skating without any kind discomfort, they should check out my latest article about how much water depth you can drive depending upon due which type of board is used.

Think before wearing a pair that was not designed for skateboarding. Just like many other things, your skateboarding career will not be the same if it is done with an inappropriate pair of shoes. And you can never expect another thing; Getting hurt may always happen to them one way or another.

What is the difference in skate shoes?

Moving on to what role does shoes play in skateboarding and how they varies from one brand to another.

A common mistake that people make is wearing shoes completely the wrong size those ones may lead to some serious injuries such as sprains, bruises, strains, etc. Wearing a pair of oversized shoes will make you feel like your feet are drenched, which makes touch for obstacles more unnerving.  

Skating will be even more challenging if you’re wearing shoes that lack of flexibility,the tips on the tool would not properly propagate your force to help pop up jumps.

On the other hand, you both lose grip and amortization along with speed increasing or decreasing by the increasing the ability of side slipping or heel cutting. You may surely notice it if your skateboarding buddy suffers from owing pain associated with worn-out shoes because he is using random boards which are relatively snappy in nature. In order to overcome the torment of mistakes, they will have to come back and change their shoes after a while because one cannot be too prepared when it comes to buying footwear for skateboarding.

What make different with skateboard shoes?

Yes, skateboard Shoes make a huge difference sure, but what is makes difference?

  • lace up skateboard shoes will obviously looks more trendy than the lace studded one . 
  • Skaters like to go with laces because it provides unlimited ways of adjusting fitment and pace .
  • Another thing which I think every skater should consider is through checking out “labels inside” on some scifts because there are many famous brands that use the best skateboard shoes the other ones are just average.

Old skate shoes are better than brand new running shoes because skaters wear these shoes for a longer time span they have to customise quality and durability.

This will make sure that you stay comfortable on the ground. It is also very important to do some repetitive activities such as skateboarding or biking etc. they can help your toe begin returning to its original shape faster than muscles alone could.


Everyone has an opinion about skateboard shoes, but only a few are happy with the choices they make. If you want to skate and not be annoyed buy a nice pair of shoes. It really helps.

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