Best longboard wheels for carving

Longboard wheel is a type of skateboard wheel. The shape of the wheel governs how it performs in various parts when being used for different reasons. The best longboard wheels for carving, or freeriding, are a personal choice. You need to find the right balance between wheel speed and wheel stiffness, which will determine how fast you can go. Keep in mind that you should always choose a pair of wheels that are appropriate for your riding style.

Type of Longboard wheel

there are different types of longboard wheels including speed, grip tape wheel, four-hole plastic wheel, concave tyre, etc.

Grip tape wheel

This type of wheel is used for turning. It is scaled with a tough non-slip rubber that allows the riders to slide on it without slipping or sliding off. However, it does not offer sufficient grip when riding in wet or icy road conditions. Generally, they are very stiff which offers the best handling but also makes them harsh on hands when pushing hard at fast speeds. Also, they are heavier than solid wheels and make it harder for riders to push along in higher speeds.

Four-hole plastic wheel

Another type is the four-hole plastic. These wheels are relatively light, however, they cannot perform properly at high speeds because of its small diameter, often the holes are not big enough to grip though heavy tires specially for street speed riding. The weight can make turning effort harder and s more control is needed when picking up momentum quickly. Racing style riders won’t usually be able to maintain maximum thrust using this kind of wheel

Concave tyre

This is a type of wheel mainly used for cruising. These wheels are designed to perform at slower speeds and therefore offer more grip even on off-piste conditions. They work well with small diameter thinly plied tires like speed wings. However, concave tyres can break easily when riding hard or use too much pressure because it will stretch the sides far beyond the amount that is recommended which would then cause extreme stress on any component such as bolts, spokes, bearings, etc causing them to break.

Top 5 Best carving longboard wheels

There are various types of longboard wheels, although the most popular are Ceramic Coating longboard tires. Here’s a look at the top five carving double kick skateboarding & longboarding wheels available on the market. You can purchase these wheels individually or in sets with other sizes included as well.

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels

The Orangatang Kegel wheels are one of the most popular carving longboard wheels available on the market. They have a very fast speed, are resilient, and can take hundreds of crashes without losing their shape or rolling over. A set of four (4) longboard skateboard wheels are included in this set. Orangatang Kegel is your #1 choice for tight, technical downhill mountain skateboarding.

Orangatang 4-Pack Kegel Longboard Skate Wheels in 80mm size. A fantastic set of longboarding downhill wheels, in a variety of sizes using different profiles to suit your style. Each wheel is precision engineered from the finest material and design to guarantee top performance levels for many years before they need replacing! 70° recipe, constructed with 50% more solid plastic than Orangatangs Singles formula making these wider.

User Experience

These longboard wheels are great for carving off the spot. It is not really fast, but it provides little resistance to push you into your carve at good speed by giving a few pushes when you hold on the platform of these skateboards; therefore, making it easy for skilled skaters to create their own small horses and perfect smooth turns without falling down too much. All in all, this is one of the most popular choices among experienced compulsive.


With the high-speed carbon wheels, riders can get fantastic speed and stability with a grip on it. A lightweight longboard brand such as Orangatang Kegel was created for downhill freeriding skills skaters like them to create smooth turns at higher speeds of 80 mph (130 km/h). This wheel design allows riders to spin fast while maintaining control of their board; which promotes a unique, controlled style that hasn’t been seen.

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising

While you can call these longboard wheels “cruising” wheels because they are ideal for cruising on flat surfaces, the truth is that this wheel has multiple uses. It is shaped like an egg, making it around toy skateboard wheel with very little grip vs other types of street or downhill skating where small contact patches are required to prevent sliding down the road/trail. The reason behind its shape was likely to make it break quickly.

Decanter 38mm Full-Speed Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels for carving | The number one heavy-duty longboarding wheel by Orangatang. Suitable for downhill, freestyle and street use making it the perfect choice if you want to go fast down your favorite trails or plan on hitting up your local skate park. With stiff enough edge grip to put you in control of every turn whilst maintaining superb flexibility.

User Experience

These wheels are very high-performance yet they still offer good control on your board. However, because of its lightweight, it might be a little difficult for riders who have poor car control to use these longboard tires as drivers without risking too much onto the road. Therefore, you’d better practice before going out or better ride along with a more experienced person so that you can find ways on controlling your board and obtaining stability at higher speeds.


While this is a good longboard wheel, it would be nice if they shaped them to resemble real tires. This will definitely help beginners who are only starting their journey to wheels and even experienced skaters out there may find these wheels suitable for fast routes because of their quick turning ability. These 3D-printed longboard skateboards cruising a plan that allows you to do both casual ridings or thrashing down your chosen trail without breaking into pieces as well.

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels

A high-performance longboard wheel with a very strong Bead, Grip, and Durability. Suitable for downhill or freestyle riding in most settings or pretty much anything else if you have the right radius. These are also popular wheels among Skateboarders because of its good control. The Orangatang Stimulus wheels set out to build wheels designed with efficiency, more grip and better turning. 

Special Features is its High-performance longboard wheel for freeriding or downhill use in most settings.

Orangatang’s all-new Stimulus Longboard Wheelset is very wide at 70mm which works perfectly on steeper terrain types but still has the impressive part of the Ollie so you can catch tight gaps around corners easily! The updated formula

User Experience

is very durable, feels great in most conditions for smooth riding on tramps or on the street.

Pros are its good grip while rolling down trams and car-free terrain wherever you may be headed. Even if that path is steeply sloped with rocky areas below it will surely work wonderfully due to your need for speed! I have noticed many would find these wheels pretty fast even at busy intersections where other people seem to bother their speed driving


Cons are that it takes about 15-20 spins to heat up in order for them to be spinning well again It could do with a little improvement before and after testing, so they can spin freely without vibration. With their high ratings, I find myself rushing over the hills less than when filled suck balls instead which is really nice, maybe there’s something else about these wheels I’m not aware of that’s worth mentioning!


The Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels are a high-performance longboard wheel with a very strong Bead, Grip, and Durability. They are suitable for downhill or freestyle riding in most settings or pretty much anything else if you have the right radius.

Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels

most amazing wheels for carving slides and freeride. The thicker wheel’s shape fits the formula of a slower rolling speed at low pressures for longer life; best on very rough terrain design with its 72 mm profile, Yet, still increasing the speed of rolling. These wheels are made from high-quality longboard trucks. awesome for carving Cool longboard wheels, big size with good grip for smooth carving on crowded streets or making squares. The great thing about this wheel is that it is made with abec7 bearings for longer life. Easily carve at the top of your longboard park or approach on street 38 4-Piece set!

Superb wheels! Smooth, roll over even rough roads nicely. The whole 5 paces of the wheel is unified with only one double-thickness, but nevertheless, it can also be used for fast freestyle skating! All models are progressive wheels (you will find “straight” steppers too). You’ll never lose your speed or slide on unexpected turns; they’re reliable and maintain their position steadily. This model is big enough to optimize both carving and slides.

These wheels have removed all your doubt about b-racing! Great for both, slalom and free riding. These wheels are made from hi-impact double extrusion urethane formula with UHMW+ ball bearings bonded to the center of each chassis so you will get better responsiveness, greater speed response time and longevity compared to standard materials medium hardness called hard flux or static carbon former silica coefficient high tensile strength so very rare in its class belt-tightening

User Experience

The wheel will glide smoothly while skating down the street, but it also rolls very fast. It is easy to ride the wheel with its stiff aluminum core and large base hole, because of this being made from one piece it will become more difficult for you to clip or screw-up your longboard hangers into the axle which means that if you come up on an obstacle hazard like a pothole/hole there’s less chance of stumbling over trying to correct your board isn’t loose.


These wheels are super fun to ride, they have a very aggressive design and the size is perfect to carve if you really want a wider footprint. They also roll fast which makes them versatile for both freestyle and downhill riding.

Playshion 28 Inch Cruiser Skateboard wheel

Playshion 28 carving Wheels have a nice set of bearings. They are smooth, fast & stable on hard surfaces. The wheel can be used both indoor and outdoor so you will love them for standard skateboarding too.

You can use these wheels along with bearings which are also of high quality but they aren’t the best choice if your budget isn’t that big there’s a good possibility that things could go wrong with cheaper bearing usually jamming up after some time anyways playing around unjamming jams.

It has Aluminum Core, Hi-Impact Dimple Urethane Formula, 50mm Diameter Front Rim is a great wheel for kids who love skating and moving around in urban environments! The skater’s favorite when it comes to skateboard wheels. though it is perfect for skateboarding you can also use it for longboard carving. It is “fast” with an excellent smooth ride and stability for carving in tight corners. In addition, it also provides the perfect balance between speed and control when seeking to gain momentum on turns or accelerate across long terrain features.

User Experience

If you looking for a carving longboard wheel that provides good speed, stability on turns, and ride smoothly around you can go for this wheel it has everything. It’s lightweight, fast, and durable.


Riding Wheels For Stealth Longboard Skateboarding there are different options for riders to choose from ranging the types without compromise on performance which makes it usable for both Freescoring & Downhill. Choose wisely your wheels will serve you well but if money is not an obstacle then choose one that suits your budget best option of all would be using two flexible longboard skate trucks because that has flat support which provides more stability on hill and they’re either cheap or not that expensive.

Must needed Features for Carving wheel

Bellow features should be considered for your longboarding skateboard wheels include diameter, shape of hub, and type. Some have concave while others have a convex profile to help increase energy transfer from the trucks into the wheel or get more grip on corners thus improving handling.

Wheel size

The size of the wheel is crucial because it has a direct bearing on its performance for carving especially when it comes to newb longboard wheels or beginners. The normal size of skate wheels are 20mm but nowadays, some would say that 24 mm wheels are better since they’re more comfortable compared with those who olden days only use 19.5 mm ones.

Square edge

For beginning riders, it’s better to always use the square edge wheels because it tends to be more stable on turns since are less prone to slipping. The other star design of longboard skateboard wheels is called radial or stretched wheel because these features provide great grip stability around corners.


The best longboard skateboarding wheel usually has a plastic tape edge for a smoother ride while the millimeter format of the softer makes it cold gripped. In the past, it was advised to use a wheel with a tape edge as a beginner’s skateboard wheel because of its stability and grip capacity but nowadays this type is rarely seen as a control wheel.


It’s important to choose the wheel which is made of metal hardness or not because it has a direct impact on its performance. Most wheels are made of aluminum but some (usually military designed) would be able to withstand impacts like Armour-grade steel ones. Some skateboarding companies offer different hardnesses ranging from 105a that if broken will never completely destroy the wheel up to low durometer 6100 that can even break bones.

Absorb vibrations

Most longboard skate wheels are not made of hard metal but have soft ones. This is due to the weightlessness principle led by the aerospace industry. It simply means that vibrations cause the wheel to bend while being switched, this contributes in terms of gliding or stability.


What makes longboards ideal for sliding?  

Longboards slide well because the wheels are both tall and lean down on one side of the skateboard, reducing friction significantly. Without sliding or some amount of it some boards would be tossing you around like a rag doll as they traverse obstacles over 30 inches tall (especially those similarly shaped).

Can I put longboard wheels on a mountain board?

This would reduce the overall width but it might work. It is probably best to stick with longboard skateboard tyres for this purpose though because there are lots of ripples on mountain boards, which can be very hard for wheels to ride over without flexing too much. 

Do longboard wheels need spacers?  

At 33mm width, some longboard wheels will require spacers to be used. This is mainly so the bearings do not rub on the mounting surface, or bushings wear down more quickly than normal due to vibration from riding. Over time this might lead to un-even gripping of your deck which would affect stability and control on bigger hills.

What wheels do you ride?

For longboard wheels, we recommend using Blacks Van collection of standard plastic Longboard skateboarding tires with ceramic bearings.

How do I choose a good set of longboard wheels for carving?

Carving is the technique of back and forth motion on a deck. On harder ground, this can mean grinding downhills, etc. But whatever you do; make sure your wheels (well all four including trucks) grip well and roll over flats and dips properly as they’ll be your main traction assist when riding downhill or climbing vertical set-pieces.


Hope it has been helpful as we look to provide you with the best longboard wheels and accessories possible. Whatever your tastes, whatever means of transportation you choose – enjoy skating!

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