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Best Longboard for Carving

If you want to feel that rush when riding your longboard, you definitely need to learn the skill of carving. Yes, the style is very common, but still comes unique given its amazing qualities depicting other board sports like snowboarding and surfing.

Before you start, you should know that you just can’t use any longboard, instead, you need to have the best longboard for carving. The market has a lot of options to offer you. But if I were you, I won’t depend on any of them. You have to make sure the product is really the best.

To ensure optimum performance and great experience, read this review and guide. At the end of this article, we promise you’ll get the right longboard for you. Just read on!

5 Best Longboard for Carving

 In case you’re looking for the best longboard, then you’re just in the right place. All the products in this review are worthy of your time and investment. Each of them is equipped with excellent features that you will surely love. Let’s find out more.
PHOTOS NAMES Style Pricing
Pick Number 1
Pick Number 1

Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch

                Green Woody
Check Price
Pick Number 2
Pick Number 2

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)

              Downhill Carving  
Check Price
Pick Number 3
Pick Number 3

Sector 9 Chamber Drop Through

                Gullwing sidewinder  
Check Price
Pick Number 4
Pick Number 4

Magneto Longboards Bamboo

                Smooth & Stable
Check Price
Pick Number 5

Pick Number 5

White Wave Bamboo Longboard

                  Multiple layers of Bamboo Check Price

Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch

Given that Atom has been in the market for many years, you can expect that it can provide quality products just like this drop through longboard for carving. Definitely, this product is made with a stable, comfortable, and durable deck. Since it is made with full maple laminate, you’re ensured of high-quality. Why so? Such material is extremely robust, making it durable enough to withstand extreme conditions. It is not your typical deck because instead of placing the hardware above the board, it is located on the bottom. Anyway, this product is a drop-through board, allowing you to be nearer to the ground. With this, you can perform various skills safely and comfortably. What’s more amazing about this longboard is that it can reduce your risk of falling over. Even if you should ride over small rocks, you will less likely meet an accident, which is ideal if you’re sporty and cautious at the same time. Much more, it is suitable for carving, thanks to the high-quality wheels this product is constructed with. With this, you’re sure to have a smoother longboarding experience. It can even let you perform a critical rebound. Not to mention, the wheels are made for optimum maneuverability. You can make sharp turns around trees and over rocks. Also, using this ensures you a stable speed, thanks to the well-lubricated bearings. Considering all of these features, you can never go wrong with the best longboard for carving and cruising. It’s the best option for both experts and novices, believe me! Pros:
  • Ensures optimum durability
  • Quality wheels for excellent maneuverability
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Great quality bushings
  • Ideal for carving and cruising; for beginner and expert
  • Doesn’t have a kicktail

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)

Another product from Atom has made it to our list of the best size longboard for carving. You already know that the manufacturer has made its name in the industry due to the quality it ensures its buyers. What makes this specific model amazing is that it is equipped with top-notch features. First off, the longboard is made to be super low, ensuring you optimized stability. Given this feature, you’re sure that it can be perfect for downhill carving. So if you are in doubt which longboard for carving is the right one for you, don’t double your thoughts with this drop deck longboard from Atom. Much more, this product can be pushed easily, making it simple for you to wander around. With this feature, you are sure that it can be carried even for long distances. Not only that, but this product is also perfect if you just want to roam around the campus or town. It gives you the maximum durability, thanks to the high-quality material it is made of. Well, the deck is laminated with full-maple, known for its durable built. For sure, it won’t wear out even with frequent use. More amazingly, it comes with a unique perimeter shape, allowing you to have optimum leverage of 9.6 inches. Also, you’re sure that wheel bite is eliminated, so you have the freedom to move back and forth and around with ease. Given that it’s drop style, you are sure to feel the earth, giving you not only maximum stability but also safety. No wonder why it is a trend right now. You can perform extreme activities without compromising the protection that you deserve. Pros
  • Maximum stability
  • Durable, full maple laminate deck
  • Ideal for downhill
  • Pushing it is easy
  • Perfect leverage
  • Maneuverability is not optimum

Sector 9 Chamber Drop Through Flush Mount Complete Skateboard

Looking for a product that guarantees optimum performance? Then, you’re just on the right track; this Sector 9 drop through longboard is a good idea. For sure, whatever kind of rider you are, it is perfect for you. It comes with great features that you will surely love. Let’s find out more! If you’re into longboard for carving and sliding, you can never go wrong with this one. You can carve, cruise, and turn around with ease. It has a slight concave on the top with a combination of a chamber. Since it’s 34 inches, the product is suitable if you want additional standing space. Also, it’s the perfect option if you want to spread your feet therein. Doing so can allow you to have full control of the longboard. Also, it can make sure that you will get optimal pleasure. Since it is ultra-lightweight, it will be easier for you to shift to maximum speed. Using this won’t be tiring, unlike other longboards out there that tend to be very heavy. Much more, this is equipped with premium quality bearings and wheels. With these features, you’re certain that you won’t be exerting too much effort when you cruise. It also provides you supreme flexibility. Not to mention, this kind of longboard can minimize tension and maximize comfort for smoother cruising. Pros                       
  • Ensures smooth cruising
  • Ideal for extreme carving
  • Comes with a compact design and pleasing looks
  • Equipped with Sidewinder trucks
  • Flat aerodynamics
  • Comes with larger wheels

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards

Whenever you want an ultimate cruiser, you’ll have it right with the Magneto longboard. It is made with a unique bamboo, just perfect for wandering around the neighborhood. From the design itself, you can tell that it is specially made for carving and cruising. It’s more than that as this board ensures you a smoother ride; there is no doubt why it is loved by many riders. Just like the other products on this list, it also has a drop-through truck design. With this, you can experience a lower center of gravity, thereby giving you smoothness. Much more, this makes sure that you will have optimum performance and stability, thanks to its overall construction. Featuring Paris style trucks, you are guaranteed of quality. It also comes with a kingpin angle of 50 degrees and a 7-inch hanger. Also, the bushings are made with medium stiffness to have a great carving experience. Since it is constructed with a perfect shape, it is undeniably best when it comes to maneuverability. Not to mention, it can also offer you comfort, thanks to the design of the carver board. More importantly, you’re sure of its durability and strength. Aside from bamboo, it is also equipped with fiberglass. This makes it not only heavy-duty but also fashionable. Its simplicity and functionality are definitely worth the cost. Pros
  • Ensures a smoother ride
  • Durable overall construction
  • Simple and functional
  • Great maneuverability
  • Provides your comfort
  • The wheels are not that durable


White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete (Cruiser)

This cruiser is undeniably the best longboard for carving and freestyle with its symmetrical shape, excellent flex, and drop through trucks. It comes with many amazing features, so get excited as you read further! First off, this product has a concave shape, making it the perfect option for carving. The 41-inch longboard ensures that you can ride with ease. It is made with bamboo and Canadian maple, so you can expect durability and sturdiness. With its dimensions, you can tell that it can provide you a smoother ride. Not to mention, it can minimize bumps so there’s no way you will get any inconvenience. Also, you’re sure about your safety. This longboard for carving comes with heavy-duty bearings. Its deck is uniquely designed, allowing you to look stylish at the same time. In fact, the tool looks very elegant yet simple. More amazingly, it also comes with a kicktail. With this, you can control your speed according to your pace. Also, it can provide you stability, thereby ensuring you a fun riding experience. Considering all these features at hand, there’s no way you will regret buying this one for you. This product is equipped with excellent features that you would want, for sure. Pros
  • Stylish look
  • Ease of carving
  • Has an excellent grip
  • Ensures your utmost safety
  • Durability and heavy-duty
  • Nothing extraordinary

What to Look For Before Buying?  

If you’re still in doubt as to what qualities you should look for in a longboard, then you’re just in the right place. In this guide, we will find out some of the features that you have to consider before you should opt for the product. Let’s delve deeper.


The best size of the deck when it comes to carving ranges from 32 to 43 inches. It is typically referred to as a mid-sized deck. If the deck as well as the wheelbase are too small, you will less likely have momentum. On the other hand, larger ones can drag or slow you down as you push into turns.

Mount Style

When you’ll opt for a certain deck style, you have to consider various things. If you want to have higher leverage over the trucks, top-mount decks are recommended. It is because they tend to be more responsive when you turn. Drop through boards may not be faster, but they provide optimum stability. Anyway, we have lots of choices here on the list when it comes to that style. You already know that this can give you maximum safety. These boards are uniquely designed for carving, ideal when you’re fond of riding downhill.

Wheel Clearance

The best intro longboard for carving should allow you to have optimal carving ability and maneuverability. When linked to wheels, cutout shapes provide space to the wheels, ensuring tight turning. This is because the wheels are not covered by the deck. And it is equally crucial in carving since it requires hard turns. Decks not designed for carving will most likely experience wheel bite issues. And you don’t want that to happen so you need to have better wheel clearance.

Kick Tails

Although kick tails are not very essential when you do carving, it can be beneficial if you want to do city slashing or tricks. With this, you can do small jumps and quick turns. But then, when you have kicktails, you’ll expect a shorter wheelbase, which can minimize its stability and carving ability. Anyway, depending on your preference, this feature is amazing when you want to leverage your kicks when carving.

Floor Lock-in and Sidecuts

Most high-end longboards have sidecuts – the narrowed down shape you can find in the middle of the board. With this, you can decrease the risk of torsional stiffness between your feet, giving you optimum control over the turning radius of the board. You know how hard it is to manage wide-centered boards. Also, it is a good thing if the foot lock-in comes with a slight amount of concave. Through this, you will be able to perform tight turns and edge-to-edge transitions. For sure, you can keep your feet in place even if you have something to push on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you longboard uphill?

The most typical task for mostlongboarders is pushing uphill. When you are faced with a short uphill in downhill sections or between two flats, it will be easier to kick-push your board, just like what you do while on flats. Anyway, there are a few approaches when longboarding such as walking and pumping, aside from pushing. The most efficient means for you depends on various factors such as your riding goals, skills, setup, and kind of hill you’re into.

How hard is longboarding?

Well, the answer to this question really depends. It takes a lot of effort and time to master the skills. After a few practices, you would agree on how challenging yet fun it is. This sport is easy, especially for those who have experience with boarding.

How much should I spend on a longboard?

If you’re a beginner, it’s practical to invest in an affordable longboard. The price usually ranges from $90 to $150, depending on the brand. Remember, not all cheap items come with low quality. You just have to be keen on looking for the right product for you. Anyway, any products on this list are definitely worth it!

Does longboard shape matter?

The performance of a longboard is usually affected by the shape. And yes, the concave shape is a crucial factor, allowing you to turn, drift, and slide with ease and comfort.

Should I buy a longboard?

If you’re an amateur, then you should. Why so? Studies show that it is ideal for beginners as compared to skateboards. Specifically, these boards are longer and are best for cruising and carving. With this, you’re sure of stability when riding. Also, the wheels are softer, so performing tricks are easier.

Final Words

With so many options out there, hopefully, you’ve already found the right one for you. You just cannot dwell on anything, instead, dwell for the best longboard for carving. If you want optimum performance and an enjoyable experience, then opt for any of the products on the list. Good luck! Longboarding Tricks for Riders How to Make Your Longboard Carve How to Remove Grip Tape What You’re Using the Longboard For

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