Arbor Longboard wheels Review

The Arbor Longboard wheels are made with durable urethane, which is great for the kind of riding you will be doing. These wheels are light, but they are also very strong. They work well on both asphalt and dirt. These are 34 inch longboard wheels, which gives you plenty of leverage for cruising around. All Arbor Longboards come with plastic hubs only, but ladies’ boards also include Schwable Ultrahubs. There is no need to worry about wheelbite issues on these all-terrain skate wheels because the ball bearings make sure they won’t ever sink into soft ground.

Arbor Longboard wheels can use for carving, cruising, freestyle, downhill, twitch tricks, or on-land jumping.

The wheels are fairly light weight and the bearings on these wheels do not have rubber support discs which can sometimes be a problem with heavy riders. The thinner urethane construction keeps these longboard skate wheels fast on pavement while still being able to ride smoothly down bumpy dirt singletrack without getting stuck since there is no protection for them within of an Arbor Longboards wheel. Because of the size of the urethane wheels that come with an Arbor Longboard skateboards there is very little for dirt to get into and cause damage. The urethane surfaces also offer great grip while riding on wet pavement; making it easy to stop without sliding around.

Shape Arbor longboard wheel

There are various types of shapes of Arbor longboard wheel. Here are just a few examples:

Hybrid Shapes

Hybrid wheels are meant to ride both on smooth steel ramp and also terrain path. They will provide a better control of the bike due to the combination of street drive set-up combined with more aggressive approach road riding style. Compared to traditional, these hybrid shapes have a wider stance allowing you improved stability while cruising through tight turns or grip thru tough surfs .

Street Shapes

Street wheels are designed for street riding. They deliver the best performance on smooth asphalt pavement and stop better compared to other brands because of their sharper lean angle. Street skateboard wheels also have a longer life because there is no need to worry about de-clogging, sand buildup or grinding out thorns.

Celebration Shapes

The Celebration shapes were introduced by Arbor board in 2015 as an updated Competition shape that has many improved features such as an asymmetrical shorter wheel base, raised and crowned profile to keep the rider higher up on the board.

Where Did The Arbor Wheel Come From?

Arbor Longboard wheel are come out of USA board brand that was established in California. Arbor longboard wheels are created originally for BMX center before the 1999, where they introduced product to skate market. Arbor Longboard wheel were made out of very hard quality urethane rubber; it work well with railings and also make good performance at street skating or cruising .

Arbor started to experiment with different shapes of wheels to fit well at all type of terrain. Different style of wheels is different shape that can be fit to any type of terrain . But those shapes are not imported from different type of board brand, those design have been produced by Arbor.

After multiple prototypes and testing , Arbor made first shape for its longboard wheels which named as Cheetah/Sybex, after the first samples of this design to be tested by Burton snowboarding team. The three samples that made were tested by the Burton Longboard Team and they have given a good feedback on these new shape.

How do I choose the right set of arbor longboard wheels for my longboard?

Arbor Longboard wheels for 7″ and 8″ longboards comes in single and double set. Single set of Arbor Wheels is more efficient, but you can choose to have a dual or quad setup on any type of terrain that may come into the front section or back section to keep rider secure, comfortable enough while riding down hills.

Double arbor decks are equipped with two different types both are made out by hard rubber which help to reduce the weight of the deck. Each type has different number for spokes, which are 27″x1 3/8″, 28″x 1 5/16″.

Guide before buying arbor longboard wheels

Seek to make sure if the Arbor Longboard Wheels are compatible with your longboard deck, because it has limited size.

It is essential that you assemble your wheels correctly before using for first time run down hill or traveling by itself, otherwise breaking of spokes might happen . Remember the different type set offer different number of spokes on their wheel so choose them carefully according to what you need.

Wheel Shapes

there are two shapes for arbor wheels, a hexagonal shape and a crescent shaped. The Hexagonality offers more space between the center of each bolt circle compared to the traditional round ones. In both case they have been researched from several factors so as avoid collapsing easily within those spots by improving their strength, still, you better not try it with your longboard decks as this place cannot hold enough even if using all kind of sticker or modification.

Edges and Lips

This type of wheel offers a bolt circle towards the deck edges , it enables you to make arbor wheels bushings at your short-version longboard, but not on full length ones. This is a solution to avoid wheelbanging on those parts because if it’s not from the skateboard type longboard, any sort of bushings should be avoided .

Lips will make another kind ofBushings at the part where your arbor wheels lodged itself against. It produces maximum stability and resists breaking or skipping issues easily due to upside down situation that may occur while leaning forward backward or sideways..It also helps riders to cruise down smoothly instead of bad scraping noises on the road.

Tapered Wheel

These kind of wheels offer more strength by using a wider depth to diameter ratio , your longer board will be fortunate as long as it has extra width around its one pivot that allow you to apply bushings . Usually these type is easily removable and they need faster adjuster bolts than those with hexagonal socket size, this is surely an innovation for those beginners who is not that sturdy in applying tool.


These wheels are knownly used by riders who still prefer having fun on their longboards without worrying of wheelbanging at all. Cores Wheels is an extra thick wheel with special shapes were it has 2 arbor hole in its center near another one around this kind of shape , these types come with different bore cartridges that look like they contain the whole front truck deck . It’s usually for more aggressive freeriders or even speed racers.


Are Arbor Longboard Wheels Good?

Yes, the purpose of longboard’s wheels is to provide an awesome riding experience.

Where are Arbor longboards made?

U.S it is mainly for Midwest and East Coast states but Arbor will be offering their products throughout the whole United States as well as Canada .

Are Bigger wheels better for longboarding?

Yes, it is definitely recommended for longer rides. The weight of the wheel will roll slower but it designed to push through harder terrain.


Arbor Longboard wheels are made with durable urethane, which is great for the kind of riding you will be doing. These wheels are light, but they are also very strong. Arbor Longboard wheels can withstand a lot of abuse and still perform well. They’re easy to assemble and come in at a very affordable price.

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